Thursday, 20 September 2007

a war poem

{Image by Shepard Fairey}

From Poems to Czechoslovakia

What tears in eyes now
weeping with anger and love
Czechoslovakia's tears
Spain in its own blood

And what a black mountain
Has blocked the world from the light.
It's time--It's time--It's time
to give back to God his ticket.

I refuse to be. In
the madhouse of the inhuman
I refuse to live.
With the wolves of the market place

I refuse to howl.
Among the sharks of the plain
I refuse to swim down
where moving backs make a current.

I have no need of holes
for ears, nor prophetic eyes:
to your mad world there is
one answer: to refuse!


By Marina Tsvetayeva
Translated by Ljubov V. Kuchkina

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