Monday, 11 July 2011

stone #11

pink has stained the clouds in low thin streaks.
the colour fades with a whisper, making way for the bats
to daub their own dark shapes across the deepening blue sky,
darkening like deep water, their shadows folding into themselves.


Susannah said...

Beautiful. :-)

Linda H. said...

This is my favorite stone today.

I have a just-turned-teen daughter who has been a "bat friend" for years (no, she's not gothic, just an animal lover)so I've spent many evenings watching bats fly around our town.

This stone captures the beauty of their evening flights. I like the shadows folding into themselves. Great line. The whole stone is poetic and beautiful, creating mind pictures. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Lovelier than a painting. The image is vivid, but it's the way you use the words to create the image, I love.


Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks Susannah, Linda and Margo. It's hard to find new ways to describe the beauty of the evening light and how it fades, but I'm glad you have all liked my attempt today!