Saturday, 30 July 2011

stone #28

i am moving house tomorrow, and my dreams
have become infested with moving and packing.

i strip the willow of its leaves and pack them
carefully into a box, hoover and bag up the clouds,
collect the birds from the sky and bubblewrap the sun.


Sandra Davies said...

'Bubblewrap the sun' - lovely, and I hope your move goes smoothly.

Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks Sandra. I actually moved on Friday (I'm a few stones behind at the moment!), and it all went well thanks. Just ready for a long lie down now ;)

Susannah said...

Oooh this is fantastic, I love it! :-)

It has been a real pleasure to visit and read your small stones this month, I am so glad I discovered you in 'the river'!

I am continuing to share my captured moments and I shall definitely be continuing my visits here.

Glad to have met you! and I'm glad the move went well.

Susannah x

Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks very much Susannah! I'm glad you have enjoyed reading my stones in July, and I hope to continue to post my moments too.

I've also enjoyed reading your blog, enjoyed your stones and endless supply of wonderful quotes!

teri said...

And I trust the sun was well protected? I am wondering if in your dreams you might find a way to pick up all the willow leaves in my yard.

Mark Sargeant said...

Teri - the sun came through the move unscathed! It's up there in the morning sky now. I'll do my best with the willow leaves, maybe I'll stitch them together into a garland, and loop them around the sun!