Thursday, 12 January 2012

stone #12

There seems to be an invisible wire suspending the kestrel
that hovers low above the road, oblivious to the traffic.
she appears to be perfectly still, her wings taming the wind,
her reptile eyes fixed, untamable, unknowable.

Inside the car, I am listening to an old bluegrass song from the 1940s,
a female singer is also suspended in the moment,
her voice fluttering, swooping, soaring,
crackling from a dusty Alabama studio.


Lorelei said...

Hovering note and hovering bird converge powerfully. Thanks!

Sandra Davies said...

A moment well-shared - thank you.

Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks both for your comments. It was one of those moments when you think - this is my stone for today! The bird and the music seemed to somehow chime together.

teri said...

You have sewn together two great observations with words.

alfred booth said...

Yes indeed, your parallel of the two scenes is great. I am a fan of being stuck in a car listening to great mellow music.