Sunday, 22 January 2012

stone #22 - bulls

There is tenderness in his face, a gentle curiosity.
We could fill great buckets with his breath -
grassy lungfuls streaming out into the cool air.
Then the noise of my camera spooks him,
and he moves quickly, violently towards the hedgerow,
a skeletal, threadbare veil between us.
Soon there are thirty young bullocks,
jittery, huge, jostling for position,
watching our shadows trail away downhill,
unease hastening our steps.


Sandra Davies said...

Contradictory beasts aren't they?

Mark Sargeant said...

They always seem to be in a field that you HAVE to go through midway through a walk. They are like huge toddlers, a bit scared, a bit curious and very overexcitable!

teri said...

How perfect...great buckets with his breath- Anyone who has come across cows in a field will appreciate how well you wrote this stone. AND they are like huge toddlers!