Monday, 14 May 2012

A new start...

I'm really pleased to say that one of my poems has been published on the rather wonderful Bolts of Silk poetry site.  Here is the link: 

I've not been online too much lately, or writing for that matter as in April we moved house from England to Australia.  After many months of planning, we made the move to the Gold Coast, Queensland.  It's completely different to where I was living before.  I am enjoying exploring the area, listening to the different sounds that the birds make, enjoying the sunny, warm weather and taking lots of photos.  I am hoping that this move inspires me to be more creative as I've got out of the habit of writing.  I will have more time, at least initially, so will have no excuse not to put pen to paper!


none said...

I was so surprised to see a comment from you in my inbox as it's been awhile! Congratulations on the big move! :) What a fascinating change.

The poem on the bolts of silk blog is phenomenal. Good poetry leaves one sort of speechless, doesn't it?

I've been absent from blogger for awhile. I've only been updating my blog Puttering Rabbit . That's my small stones/observations one.

Good to see you here and happy writing :)

(Very sweet koala photo btw)

none said...

Looks like my previous link doesn't work! The correct one would be Puttering Rabbit

Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks for visiting Jade, good to see you here. I'm glad you liked the poem. I'll check out your puttering rabbit blog, I always enjoy reading your writing.

We're enjoying seeing the native wildlife here and I took this photo of the koala - they are amazing little creatures :)