Thursday, 2 January 2014

Cicadas - stone #2

invisible cicadas drone in the trees.
the heat is incessant, thick like a heavy coat.
momentarily the drone stops, then starts again.

today i carry the sense of something ending.
but lizards still skim around,
and flowers bloom on the red orchid tree.


Jade said...

Your small stones are incredible & insightful!!

Happy New Year, dear Mark!

Let this year be one of noticing the flowers and lizards and all the in between things. ;)

Duff said...

So glad you are doing the small stones again this year. Look forward to them each day as we go through January.

Mark Sargeant said...

Thanks Jade, Happy New Year to you too! It's good to see you here!

Thanks Duff for visiting, I 'm glad you like reading my small stones. I will try to stick to the task of writing one daily.