Saturday, 28 January 2012

stone #28 - geese

just before we sleep, the kettle is boiling.  I pour hot water onto chamomile teabags in white mugs. then there is the sound of geese honking.  i worry about why they are flying at night, and think about how their wings will frost with cold, and their beaks will develop a silver glaze.  the sound passes like a tide - loud, louder, quieter, quiet, until it fades.  the sound of the cat crunching his biscuits brings me back to the kitchen, and another day passes.


none said...

Your sensitivity and empathy comes through in your writing...this is so good! :) I could hear the cat crunching his biscuits.

Mark Sargeant said...

Thank you Jade. My cat does like to circle his food bowl before finding the best angle to start crunching his biscuits!